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Monday, March 21, 2011

Cik Peah's 2B pencil..: English Verbal Craft - E News!

Cik Peah's 2B pencil..: English Verbal Craft - E News!


English Verbal Craft - E News! - Training Conducted by Azmi Shahrin aka Captain Jack Sparrow

...High profile celebrities whom attended the 2-day-sessions...
Azmi Shahrin012-9198557~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Learn and improve your Presentation Skills at ProSkills Trainers - www.ProSkillsTrainers.comCheck out my Collection of the Greatest Speeches ever - www.PublicSpeakingMagic.blogspot.comNever mind the posturing and just look ifour Malaysian leaders inspire you with their rhetorics - www.MalaysianRhetoric.blogspot.comJadilah ahli Kelab Pidato Perdana dan pelajari kaedah berpidato - www.PidatoPerdana.comLawat blog Kelab Pidato Perdana untukmembaca laporan aktiviti terkini kami -www.PidatoPerdana.blogspot.comCome and join Extol Toastmasters whichis probably the coziest ToastmastersClub in USJ, Subang Jaya & Sunway - about activities from ToastmastersClubs in KL, PJ and the rest of the worldin Visit the Division W Blog & see what we did in the 2007/2008 termOther places where I belong :)facebook - - www.xfactor21a.multiply.comYouTube - Photo Album -

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